Emergency training
Emergency Driving Course
Get your driver's license quickly?
Then a rush driving course at driving School Karin de Ruiter might be for you.
If you choose an emergency training, we will first make an appointment for an intake.
During this intake, the instructor gets an insight into how fast you pick it up.
After this intake you will get a lesadvies.
In a personal conversation you will also be asked what your wishes are.
Do you want to drive for two hours consecutively or more?
After the intake, it is clear to you how much your emergency driving course will cost and when the lessons are going to take place.
An appointment is also made immediately for your interim test (if requested) and the practical exam.
If you want to do the emergency training then it is important that, before you start, you have achieved the theory.
So keep in mind that on time you start learning the theory and also applying for the theory exam.
The theory certificate is valid for 1.5 years.
Advantages Accelerated Driving Course
The emergency driving course offers several advantages:
. It is known for its high rates of results.
. In addition, you know immediately after the intake where you are.
. The costs of your driving course are known beforehand.
. You will be immediately agreed to when your practice exam is going.
. The biggest advantage of this emergency driving course is that you quickly get your driving licence.

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