CBR practical exam
CBR practical exam
A regular practice exam takes 55 minutes.
Make sure you are present in good time (about 15 minutes).
That gives rest, just before your exam.
Sit down until your examiner calls you.
Your rijinstructeur may in most cases be involved and present at the final interview with the Examiner.
Sometimes the instructor can not ride because a second CBR employee attends the exam, for example because of the training of the examiner.
You will be informed beforehand about this.
The exam is:
You will first get acquainted with the examiner.
That explains how your exam expires.
He asks you for the form ' self-reflection '.
This form discusses you with each other at the end of the exam.
Your examiner verifies your identity document.
He also checks whether you have passed your theory exam.
Then you do a eyes test on the parking lot.
You must be able to read the badge of a stationary car at a distance of about 25 meters.
After that, your examiner raises some questions, in preparation for the ride.
For example, check the engine fluid or the lights on the dashboard.
After this the ride starts, a part of this (about 10-15 minutes) you drive to a certain destination.
The examiner tests whether you can drive safely and independently.
and whether you take sufficient account of other road users.

The examiner observes among other: 
. You control the car
. viewing habits
. Whether you give good precedence
. Catch up
. Inserting and uninserting
. Driving at Crossroads and roundabouts
. Special Operations
During the exam you will have every opportunity to show what you can do.
Completely error free, it is about the total image.
Important is how you react to other traffic and whether you are mastering the situation.
In short, the examiner is looking at whether you have enough in-house to take part in traffic safely and independently.
See the video: This is the CBR practice exam.
Immediately after the ride you will be told at the CBR exam centre If you are successful!
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