CBR Practical exam requests
So ask your practice exam:
Only your driving school can apply for your practical exam.
Of course, your driving school must have permission.
You give permission by authorizing your driving school.
. Talk to your driving school about a suitable date.
That goes like this:
. Find your Driving school number.
. This can be found at www.rijschoolgegevens.nl.
. Choose ' Auto ' and enter the name or location of your driving school.
. If you click on your driving school, you will see the number of driving schools Karin de Ruiter.
. Write down this number.
Driving School Number of Autorijschool Karin de Ruiter: 4155G8

Don't have a digid yet?
Ask for free via digid.nl.
You will receive an activation code within 5 days.
. Please remember your login details.  
. Then go to mijn.cbr.nl, click on the ' Login with Digid ' button and log in.
After completing the driving school number on CBR-Mijn.cbr.nl, you can see if the driving school name on the screen is the same as the driving school you know and which is on your lesson car.
CBR checks the driving school name during the exam.
If the name on the vehicle does not match the driving school you have authorized, CBR may decide not to pass your exam.
Your driving school will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of the authorization.
You will also receive an e-mail, with a confirmation of the authorization.