Intermediate test
Why an intermediate test?
An intermediate test is a test exam.
You will do the intermediate test at a CBR exam location.
An intermediate test for the driving certificate takes 55 minutes.
That's all just like the regular driving test.
This is how you experience the real driving test for the car.
And you get used to the exam situation.
That feels something different than your driving lessons.
A CBR examiner shall take the intermediate test; Your instructor rides with you.
Afterwards you will get an advice from the examiner.
You know what you need to work on to succeed.
You will also receive an e-mail about this.
Together with your instructor you can then be directed to the battle to increase the chances of success in the real driving test!
An intermediate test for your driving test works very well.
Exam candidates who first made an interim test are more likely to succeed on the driving test.
The percentage of the results is around 64%, which is higher than the national average of 50%.
Bron: CBR.