Lesson car automatic speed setting
The lessons in a automatic speed setting.
In a automatic speed setting you perform fewer actions (no more disconnecting, switching and coupling)
You can fully concentrate on the road and the other traffic participants.
This makes for more rest while driving.
Furthermore, there is no difference.
Compared to the lessons in a manual car.
What makes a difference is the more comfortable driving with a automatic speed setting.

Olso for people with driving fear or anxiety, the automatic speed setting can be a godsend.
You have more time to take the traffic situation in you and that gives peace and confidence.
You pay your attention, during the lessons fully on traffic participation and risk estimation.
Sometimes it occurs that an apprentice has difficulty linking and switching.
In that case, it can be a solution to start learning the first skills in a automatic speed setting.
If this goes well, then you can move on to a switch car.
This has achieved good results!
So if you want to get your driving licence quickly, this is definitely a must.
Keep in mind that when you do your driving lessons in an automatic speed setting practice exam, you get an annotation on the driving licence.
You can only drive in a car with a automatic speed setting.
Driving in a automatic speed setting is not only safer and more comfortable, it is also easier.....
..... so why do hard if it can be easy too?